First edition of 'You Code, Girl!' is completed - see how it went!

During the last three weekends, amazing things happened. All because of 'You Code, Girl!' - a workshop programme that aims to empower and inspire young schoolgirls to explore the possibilities of technology - and do it in a fun way.

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Bookworm Friday: Five Books Recommendations from Suavek Zajac

In this series, we ask our William Hill colleagues to share their favourite book recommendations and tell us what specifically they learned from them. Today we present five recommendations from Suavek Zajac. Happy reading!

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Grand Parade Together for Charity - Grande Finale!

We've reached the finale of Grand Parade Together for Charity! Thanks to over 200 engaged GrandParaders we collected 6.000 PLN and handed over three additional laptops from the company to support Dajże Kompa initiative. See what it was all about!

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Behind the bet with Pedro Gordillo Rios

Meet Pedro - End User Computing Analyst working in Krakow office. We caught up with him to ask a few questions about his career story, working in Grand Parade, moving to Krakow and more - read on!

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Bookworm Friday: 5 Books Recommendations from Karol Manijak

On a daily basis, Karol is a Software Engineering Team Lead in MTT. Karol says "I want William Hill to be a place which builds great products and at the same time also builds great professionals. That's my focus every day as a team leader." Check out and enjoy his five book recommendations!

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Tour the Grand Parade!

We all know what Tour de France is. Its history began in 1903 and continues with two breaks until today. And the race is happening right now! As a betting company with a strong sporty spirit in DNA, we decided to organise our own bike race - Tour the Grand Parade - and combine it with noble and charity goal. Read on what is it all about!

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