Design It! From Business Requirements to System Design

Creating a clean software architecture should consider the solution complexity. Sometimes, the system, which at first glance seems to be simple, in fact, is not. On the other hand, those which seem too complex to visualize could be easy to understand. The best approach to fully understand this process is to prepare a system design. What does it mean to create a proper design? Read the article penned by Dawid Cisowski, Senior Software Engineer at Grand Parade.

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Revive history trend for allure reports in GitLabCI with cypress.io tests

Allure Report is a popular reporting tool, easy-to-configure with many test frameworks. It can also be used with almost all popular CI/CD pipelines, including GitLab. Development teams often configure their GitLab CI/CD testing stage with Allure Report. Unfortunately, they don’t enable its full power.

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InnerSource – how to implement it?

InnerSource adopts OpenSource practices to code that remains proprietary and can only be seen within one organization or a small set of collaborating organizations. This approach helps reduce dependencies between development teams, break silos and remove bottlenecks, as well as increases knowledge-sharing within the company.

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Meet Vasyl Shpak, our 2021 intern

This month, we are recruiting interns for the 2022 Summer Intership Programme. If you’re curious about what it looks like, read an interview with Vasyl Shpak, Software Developer in Test and our 2021 intern.

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Mentoring with a clear goal – to become an IT leader

When in January 2021 we started our mentorship as a part of the “Lead IT, Lady” Programme, Ewa Ludwiczak (a mentee) was a Senior Software Test Engineer at Allegro. Her leading career goal of was clear: to become a software development team leader. During the programme, she was paired with Katarzyna Osuch-Bukowska (a mentor), who works as an Engineering Manager at Grand Parade.

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Interview with Giga Chalauri

Today, we interviewed Giga Chalauri, Senior Software Engineer at Grand Parade and lecturer at one of the universities in Georgia.

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