Six Insights on OKRs from Sportsbook Engineering Manager - Mirosław Zajdel

Back in January 2020, we started a journey with Objectives & Key Results framework - aimed to boost company-wide transparency, focus and alignment. In Sportsbook, however, we had initiated conversations around this topic even a few months before. Enjoy reading!

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In conversation with Grand Parade team involved in Lead IT, Lady!

We've caught up colleagues involved in mentoring and workshop modules - Agnes, Barbara, Aneta and Kasia and asked some questions about the programme, why they decided to support it and talked about the value of mentoring relationships. Read on!

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Bookworm Friday: 5 Books Recommendations on Diversity & Inclusion

In this series, we ask our William Hill colleagues to share their favourite book recommendations and tell us what specifically they learned from them. Check out 5 book recommendations on Diversity & Inclusion!

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Let’s talk about metrics: Courage Driven Development

How often do you check the metrics of your team? And once you do it - what happens next? Tomasz Manugiewicz, Agile Coach in Gaming prepared for us an introduction to courage-driven development topic - let's find out all about it!

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Behind the Bet with Radosław Kalina

We've caught up with Radek Kalina - Java Development Intern in Gaming channel who joined us not so long time ago! We asked him about his role in the company, career story, best projects and more. Enjoy reading!

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Poland Business Run - we made it again!

Business Run is definitely a unique race - all people registered for the event take part in it with a charity goal in mind to support people with disabilities. In 2020 it was quite different from previous editions but still - we made it!

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