What's new in Lead IT, Lady?

The first module of the programme full of the exciting workshop sessions is already finished! And it seems that it was really engaging and challenging one! Magda and Paulina - programme participants and our Grand Parade colleagues shared with us how the programme is progressing.

Magda - Tech Product Owner in Trading shared with us some insights from the first chapter:

'Lead IT, Lady' First Module just from the beginning started intensively.

At first, we discovered our strengths by performing Gallup’s test and received feedback from the experts how can we polish our talents. Next, we’ve been practising public speaking, which was a great life-lesson for every aspiring women leader to improvise in front of the real audience. At further workshops, we were introduced to the techniques of building up a strong, well-functioning team despite its maturity level. Motivations workshops cast light on 4 different personal styles amongst team members according to which leader should choose proper motivation tool. There were other numerous workshops, in total we completed more than 40 hours of training in only 3 months!

It is extremely difficult for me to choose one thing I enjoyed the most as trainers are knowledgeable and funny, workshops truly practical and the rest of the attendees are lovely to work! I can’t wait to start the Second Module, which looks as much exciting as the first one!

So as Magda said, now the participants focus on the second module - what it is all about?

The participants take leading roles to carry out 6 non-profit projects to develop their skills and support Women in Technology community initiatives such as: mentoring programmes, knowledge-sharing initiatives, IT-event for kids, cycles of workshops and webinars and implementation of a mobile app to facilitate volunteers' work.

It's a perfect opportunity to implement everything they learned so far in the practice. And there's a lot of new things to try on! Paulina - Senior Java Developer said:

I’m very happy to be a part of Lead IT Lady programme and to work on my leadership skills which I believe are crucial because IT world needs great leaders.

In the first module, we had tons of training. Just to name some: public speaking session (with a real actor!), how to build successful teams with great communication (even though I’m not a „formal” leader yet I introduced one of the techniques that I learnt in my team), and workshops about personal productivity and motivation.

The great thing about this programme is that it’s led by real professionals, who are the best in their field. Some of them run their own companies, so I’m sure that the knowledge they are sharing is based on practice. One more time - thank you for this opportunity! I’m really looking forward to the next modules.

We keep fingers crossed for all participants and can't wait to see the results of the second module!