The Design Blueprints Remote series behind us. Let’s check how it went & look at some insights!

Many of us can recall gathering at the events organised in office venues and sharing knowledge, exchanging experience with a slice of pizza and glass of beer. Worldwide pandemic has impacted this particular social activity as numerous other areas of our daily life. To come across this challenge and carry on this formula at these unprecedented times, we decided to run a series of webinars in the 4th quarter of 2020.

As per anticipation, transferring such events to an online world brings new challenges to overcome. An obvious was that it’s going to be much harder to engage an audience, and making them lost in the presented topic will be the key. We applied a tactic of appointing strong and seasoned presenters. The talks were meant to be based on empirical experience and touch on interesting, cutting-edge topics. Now we can say that we found the right people who could cope with these assumptions and it worked brilliantly. Paweł’s, Rafał’s and Ross’ authorial topics and passion for storytelling did a great job and struck a chord with attendants. 

Let’s deep dive into the sessions - one by one! 

Design Blueprints Remote #1: Paweł Limanówka - Composable, FSM driven UX flows for web apps

The first webinar was joined by more than 40 technology professionals. We take it as a fair result given it was the first time! Paweł was sharing his expertise and thoughts on Composable, FSM driven UX flows for web apps. The whole story was based on the journey he has been leading on as an architect. Along with his team, they have been in charge of separating UI from logic driving the user flows in a corporate payments’ subsystem. Pawel shares lessons-learnt and hints gained along the way. All well explained and grounded on solid knowledge. At the end of the presentation, Paweł was taking questions posed by the audience. If you missed that one, don’t worry!

Here’s the reply you can watch and catch up.

Design Blueprints Remote #2: Rafał Sontowski - Decomposing Monoliths into MicroServices (plus how to avoid it)

The second time we gathered to listen to Rafał who prepared the talk on ## Decomposing Monoliths into MicroServices ## (plus how to avoid it). This time over 100 professionals attended the event. Rafał had a bash at answering some daunting questions of “What is wrong with Monoliths?” or “What is the promise of MicroService architecture?” and so on. The consideration was based on the compilation of wisdom shared by Uncle Bob, Martin Fowler and Sam Newman on Agile Design, Event-Driven Architecture and Decomposition of Monoliths. All enriched by experiences gained so far during working on Bonus Platform at William Hill. As usual, in the end, there were plenty of questions from the audience. Rafał took them all! Sounds good – right?

If for any reason you couldn’t make it, no worries, we’ve got the session recorded for you!

Design Blueprints Remote #3: Ross Steytler - Modern Frontend Architecture - managing complexity through composition and publishing activities

The last but not least session of Desing Blueprints Remote series was held on December 10th. Ross took over “the stage” and shared the story about Modern Frontend Architecture - managing complexity through composition and publishing activities. Ross talked about what it takes to guarantee delivery and operational efficiencies by applying micro frontend architecture. At the session, we had a chance to discover how Ross and his team planned to regroup heavily decoupled micro frontends using composition and struck a balance between micro and monolithic frontend architecture. As usual the talk with followed with discussing the questions asked by the audience. The session was joined by over fifty participants.

If you couldn’t make it, no worries – catch up the recording!


To recap, the series has proved there is a sizeable appetite and interest within IT architect’s community to share and develop an understanding of subjects and themes related to IT architecture. Moreover, despite the difficulties and challenges 2020 has brought, the events confirmed these kinds of events can be carried on and giving a value. That is definitely a great motivation both for organisers and participants. If you like this idea and want to support it, do not forget to join our meetup group to be up to date with our events coming in 2021.