Focusing on peer to peer support: webinars on mental health issues

We do take wellbeing and mental health seriously. Self-care is a priority, not a luxury, so they say. That is why this month we’re encouraging Grand Parade colleagues to think about themselves and their wellbeing – starting from physical fitness, satisfaction with social relationships to a sense of achievements and mental comfort. And we’re assisting on the way!

Following the World Mental Health Day (10 October) all Krakow colleagues were invited to Depression, stress, psychological crisis – symptoms recognition, self-diagnosis webinar run by experts from Diversity Hub. More than 100 people joined us on the session - find out what it was about!


Depression is the most common cause of mental sick leave. WHO predicts that one in five people will experience depression once in their lifetime. We often misuse this diagnosis, and in fact, we experience chronic stress, burnout, or a temporary mental crisis.

That's why we've organised 'Peer to peer support' – webinars on mental health issues that will introduce colleagues to those phenomena and give them tips to support people who may suffer from temporary or chronic emotional difficulties.

Last week we've started from the first one that covered topics of depression, stress and psychological crisis. The topic was presented by dr Małgorzata Wypych, an experienced psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry.


So what the session was about?

We had the opportunity to hear how to distinguish stress from depression? How do we function in crisis situations? How to recognize symptoms in others and what is short- and long-term support? Thanks to the expert we also had the opportunity to ask our own questions - and there were many of them!

We've got more webinars planned and there's more wellbeing and mental health initiatives to come - we'll keep you updated!