End of summer, end of internship


During the coffee break chit-chats, we showed each other holiday photos and shared tips about the best restaurants on the other side of the globe. However, this summer wasn’t so relaxing for the group of 17 busy bees who joined Grand Parade in July as interns. They have just finished their internships and now they and their managers are sharing their thoughts and observations about it.  

Rafał: “First of all, the internship was full of challenging tasks. Everything was completely new for me: different mindset, different methodologies. For example, simple Java applications I used to code at the university were totally incomparable to those business ones I contributed to at Grand Parade. On the other hand, the support from my colleagues was just unbelievable. I was lucky that I was working with the other intern – Tomasz because we supported each other in learning even more.”   

Tomasz - Rafał’s manager: „Tomasz and Rafał worked on the real project, requested by traders which brought real value to the business. They successfully went through all the phases of development: from coding to delivering service. During their internship, they had an opportunity to collaborate with all team members including the Technical Product Owner, Cloud Engineer, and Software Developer in Test. I know that this time was challenging and at the same time rewarding for them.”  

Angelika: The internship was my very first professional experience as a programmer. I had a chance to implement the interface of a new feature, I worked on fixing bugs in an existing project and helped to implement analytics to it. It was a wild ride and I'm extremely happy that I made it.  

Karol - Angelika’s manager: It has been three months since Angelika joined our team and she has already proven her potential. She joined at the very beginning of the Acca Club project, quickly got up to speed, and contributed a lot. 

Mikołaj: I feel that I learned a lot as a programmer, not only doing my own side project, but I was also able to solve a few tickets that were assigned to my team. It was important as it helped me to understand how large projects are developed.  These three months enabled me to develop my soft skills. It wasn’t easy for me at the beginning but attending numerous meetings and talking with colleagues was really helpful. I really enjoyed the time spent at Grand Parade, sometimes even being sad that it was already Friday.  

Marcin - Mikołaj’s manager: Mikołaj has repeatedly demonstrated the knowledge that allowed him to face the daily challenges posed during the internship. He encountered problems many times - proposing solutions that were sometimes not obvious, being full of clever ideas, which we often put into practice. He started his career as an intern - now he is a junior. I envision a good future for Mikołaj in our company.