Design Blueprints events are back!

Curious what Krakow IT Architects Community and Design Blueprints are about? Read on!

Krakow IT Architects is a community of professionals with a deep understanding of subjects and themes related to IT architecture. The meet-ups organised by the community are dedicated to tech geeks regardless if you are a part of a start-up or employed in a multinational corporation. Whether you're senior developer, software and solution architects, technology and development leaders - there's something for everyone here.

The speakers are architects and executives with tech experience (we definitely try to avoid sales pitch-like subjects in here!). We've organised events with colleagues from Google Cloud and Virtuslab and planned to invite more Krakow IT companies interested in knowledge sharing and community building initiative.

We've been meeting on regular basis back in 2019 in Grand Parad office. And then COVID pandemic started. And you know the rest of the story.

Anyway, today we've got great news! We're moving Design Blueprints meetup to the online world - this time in the formula of webinars!

What's on the agenda on the first Design Blueprints Remote?

Paweł Limanówka, Applications Architect at William Hill will talk about Composable, FSM driven UX flows for web apps.


How and why we've separated UI from logic driving the user flows in WH payments subsystem. We'll talk about:

  • UX/logic separation benefits and challenges;
  • How Finite State Machine formalism aids in such separation;
  • How simple middle layer helps us with composing complex journeys from re-usable fragments;
  • How and why we've defined heavy-lifting payments logic on the BE, seamlessly mixing it with FE logic fragments;
  • How our take on UX/logic separation + used extras (middle layer) simplifies further development and evolution of already deployed app

Want to join? Make sure you book the ticket here!

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This is the first webinar from Krakow IT Architects community but we've already got more on the agenda! If you want to join, you can book a ticket in advance and then wait for more details later!