Business Run preparations are on! OKRs for Runners & Build Your Training Plan workshop

Did you know that this year we'll have a really strong representation on Poland Business Run? An amazing number of 14 teams from Grand Parade registered for the race - that is 70 runners from the company in total. This year we took the challenge seriously and started preparing our training plans in advance along with professional running coach! 

Business Run is definitely a unique race - all people registered for the event take part in it with a charity goal in mind to supporting people with disabilities. But between the runners, we can see different approaches: some of us are in just for fun and barely can make the distance, the others enjoy running from time to time so it's not such a big deal for them and the professional ones are fighting to beat their personal best times to see their team somewhere on the top of the leaderboard.

No matter what your ultimate goal is - this is the perfect moment to start preparations & opportunity to invite running activity to your daily schedule!

Wondering how to start training?

This year all GrandParaders know how to do it! All because of Mateusz Gurgul - Agile Coach & Professional Runner (just check his Strava account!) who prepared exclusive workshop session dedicated to Business Run participants - 'OKRs for Runners - Build Your Training Plan'!

But why OKRs?

It's in our company DNA! Starting from this year we set off on a journey to implement OKR system across the whole technology division in Grand Parade / William Hill. That means that starting from CTO to down to every member of the team in the organization our annual & quarterly goals are structured in a new way, fully transparent and aligned to allow us to move at a quicker pace. 

On the session, Mateusz motivated us to start preparations for Business Run early and do it in a smart, fun, and structured way! We had a chance to:

  1. Learn what OKRs are, the structure and what are the benefits of using OKRs.
  2. Discover how OKRs can support our running training (and any other activity not related to work)
  3. Build a draft of our own running plan based on OKRs.

It definitely helped us to structure running training ahead of the Kraków Business Run with an aim to achieve the best result on the 6th of September. And the best thing about that is all the things that we learned in this session can be tailored to any other hobby or activity!

For those of you who are not familiar with the Business Run initiative:

Poland Business Run is a nationwide event, hosted on the same day in different participating Polish cities and the main goal is to collect money for a good cause & support people with physical disabilities. It’s a relay-race run for 5-people teams so we can have a lot of fun with other runners.