Bookworm Friday: The special edition



In this series, we ask our William Hill colleagues to share their favourite book recommendations and tell us what specifically they learned from them. Today we present 5 proposals from our managers and their children as a special Santa Claus edition. Ho! Ho! Ho!


Tomasz Manugiewicz and 1 year old Zosia recommend: 
How to inspire a one-year-old baby? There are many ways, but I believe that the most inspiring are sounds. Sound is the foundation of conversation. Sound is the basis of music. Sound means movement. In the "Book of sounds", your beloved child can find funny pictures and sounds.

That's why I recommend "Book of sounds". Your beloved child can learn a lot, and you will also be surprised as I guarantee that you don't know many of the sounds mentioned in this book. Check it out, even to learn what the sound of spinach is.



Adam Dziendziel and his 2-year-old Justyna and 4-year-old Natalia recommend: 

 "Self-regulation" by Agnieszka Stążka-Gawrysiak is a book that shows how to deal effectively with difficult real-life situations in parents' life, like fighting children or anger outbursts. Parents often don't realise that discipline teaches children to suppress their emotions and needs. The "self-reg" approach is about connecting with the child, understanding reasons for irritations, rather than suppressing behaviours that are only the result. The book contains stories in a form that is attractive for a child. At the end of each, there is a part for the parent that explains the pattern, the mechanism of how it works and how it can be applied to other situations.


Barbara Dyrda and her 3-year-old Laura recommend: 

Moomins - 3 fairy tales before bedtime. Laura likes leafing through the entire Moomins series, especially the Tales from Moominvally. However, the detective stories are so interesting that at the beginning, she was guessing, but now she knows the content by heart. The book is ideal for children who are in the spirit of discovery and exploration. As she is always on the move and... love adventures!


Adam Midura and his 4-year-old daughter Aniela recommend:

My 4-year-old daughter, Aniela, would like to kindly recommend her favourite series of books about Basia, her two brothers and their parents. The books outline their everyday life, but Aniela promises in a 2 + 3 family, there is not a single moment of boredom! Their adventures are described with a great sense of humour, the language is perfect for our preschoolers, and the illustrations are lovely. As adults, we like these books primarily for how realistically and cheerfully the author narrates about Basia's parents and their relations with children. Their everyday life is far from ideal; all family members struggle with their emotions from time to time, parents have their own weaknesses. All of that makes a great mirror in which we can see our own imperfections described in such a playful way that it makes them perfectly forgivable.


Mateusz Pluta and his 5-year-old Gabriela recommend:

Gabriela's favourite book is "The Princess - new collection of stories", from Disney. It is a set of 5 short stories of unsung heroines. Life puts them in a challenging situation; often they do need to make a hard choice. I appreciate this book as it shows virtues that I believe can guide a child (and not only) in life. It dispels the old way of seeing the princesses as a "fragile being that should await a prince".


Kamil Burczyk and his 6-year-old son Adam rocommend: 

The books that my older son likes the most is the series of "Niesamowite przygody dziesięciu skarpetek" (Amazing adventures of 10 socks). It's a series of short stories where different-coloured socks experience many unexpected situations. Some of them are funny, some are sad, others have some mystery in them. On top of that, the books are really nicely animated, and if you finish one book, there are more waiting. My son enjoys them a lot, and even as an adult, you will laugh reading some of these stories!