Bookworm Friday: Five books Recommendations from Tomasz Obrał


On daily basis, Tomasz works as Software Engineering Team Lead in Core Team, Trading. He says: Between work and family (one son, one wife) I don’t have a lot of time to sit down with a book. But I’ve always been a reader. As you know necessity is the mother of invention - I just listen to audiobooks. There are so many opportunities to make extra listening thus I always have my headphones with me.

I hope you will enjoy the list I put together.

1. Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography by Sir Alex Ferguson

I enjoy reading about great people. One of them is Sir Alex Ferguson. The biography is interesting reading, even more if you are a Manchester United fan. You will find many of the anecdotes and stories that will certainly complete any knowledge you have about the Red Devils and the work of this outstanding manager.

Have you ever thought about how to make a team from great individuals?

If yes, you will certainly find this book interesting and learn a lot from him on how to manage people and leveraging people's potential.

2. Mamoko in the Year 3000 by Aleksandra Mizielinska

Actually, I bought this book for my son but to be honest I love it.

There is no story, no words -  it's all in your hands (or imagination) you become the storyteller. On the first page, you can find lots of profiles of characters that are included on every page during different actions based on that only your imagination is needed to make up a story. Great way to develop child creativity.

The book is very good as a gift.

3. Software Craftsman, The: Professionalism, Pragmatism, Pride by Sandro Mancuso

A great book to introduce you to the concept of software craftsmanship - not only for developers. The author is a passionate developer who is sharing with us real-life stories and mistakes that he (or people he worked with) made. Inspiring.

4. Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

This book is crazy - I thought I knew where it was going but the twist at the end totally shocked me. I almost gave up in the middle of the book but fortunately stayed till the end.

If you are an open-minded bookworm with a love of fiction and thriller this book is for you.

5. Behawiorysta by Remigiusz Mróz

One of the most popular authors in Poland - mostly known from series about polish lawyer Joanna Chyłka.

"Behawiorysta" apart from the main plot, which is suggested by the title, the book touches very interesting "trolley problem" - ethical dilemmas. Is it fine to sacrifice one person's life to save a larger number?

After reading (in my case listening) this book I started digging the topic more and more.