Bookworm Friday: Five Books Recommendations from Bogusz Kinasiewicz


On a daily basis, Bogusz is a Software Developer at Kóki Monsters team in Sportsbook. He says: Currently I’m working on interesting and responsible cashout strategic solution. Besides work, I am a happy husband and father of 2 daughters. I am interested in many things, but by far the longest in football and music. I have been interested in football since 1988, when the trio: Frank Rijkaard, Marco Van Basten and Ruud Gullit led the Dutch to win the European Championship. On the other hand, my musical taste was formed in 1992, when Rage Against The Machine released their debut album. I still hope their concert will take place when the pandemic is over.

Check out his five book recommendations.


1. Janusz A. Zajdel, Paradyzja 

I could recommend all the novels written by Janusz Zajdel, but my choice is Paradyzja, as it was my first meet with the author’s work. Paradyzja is a world placed in the orbit of an unknown star system inhabited by humans totally controlled by their government. There is no freedom and privacy e.g. the walls of inhabitants rooms are transparent. However, humans don’t give up and devised various ways how to work around the system. This is a timeless book written with the knowledge of the laws of physics.


2. Tom Rob Smith, Child 44 

Probably the best crime story I’ve ever read. The action takes place in the Soviet Union. The policeman gets the task to cover up the murder of a child (the political party suggests it was an accident), but the better he gets to know it, the greater his doubts. The book was filmed and entitled "System", but as usual book is better.


3. William P. Young, The Shack 

This is a novel about coming back to life when you lost your baby. Through the mouth of the child's father the author poses bold questions to God, whom he blamed for the whole tragedy, and does not leave them unanswered. Touching and thought-provoking book.


4. Stefan Mani, The Ship 

The thriller which has the same number of opponents as supporters. For me, it was an interesting picture of the struggle for survival, written so that the reader feels like a participant in the events. An indeterminate ending makes you think about the book long after reading ...


5. Igor Novikov, The River of Time

This list could not be complete without the book that had the greatest impact on decisions in my life. An author in a simple way explains the nature of time and proves the time travel is possible, but one has to be careful cause usually it is a one-way trip. After reading this book, I decided to study astrophysics and for the next several years, I researched the physics of black holes.