Bookworm Friday: 5 Books Recommendations from Ola Jacukowicz


On a daily basis, Ola is Talent Development Specialist in Malta. She says: "My mission and my job is to help our colleagues learn and become better specialists, supportive team members and inspiring leaders. What that I love most about my job is helping others understand what their strengths are and how to play to them to feel more satisfied with what they do. After work, I explore the beautiful places of Malta walk, sightsee, and enjoy the views and the sun!"

Check out her 5 book recommendations!


1.Irvin Yalom, Becoming Myself: A Psychiatrist's Memoir 

The author, a well-known psychotherapist and writer, gives us an eye-opening and profound story of his own life and professional practice. It’s full of bittersweet memories, critical assessment of his own decisions, and amazing (but sometimes also scary and terrible) discoveries about himself and human nature as a whole. I loved every word of the work –the openness, the courage, and the message: it’s ok to make mistakes, it’s ok to be wrong and it’s ok to change over time. I totally recommend to everyone seeking food for thoughts and inspiration to reflect on the meaning of life and purpose.


2.Ursula K. Le Guin, A Wizard of Earthsea

Ok, please be warned that…this is a classic of fantasy CHILDREN’S literature! But don’t be misled by this categorization! It is a beautiful story about becoming authentic, the painful process of discovering and accepting your weaknesses and achieving life balance. I loved the story, the characters and again, the message: use your power wisely. Once recommended to me by my own mentor, it became one of my favourite stories of all time and I would recommend it to anyone seeking inspiration to discover their true identity, but also how to be an influential mentor.


3.Yuval Harari, 21 lessons for the 21st century

Have you ever wondered why humans became the dominant species and took over the planet? What would be the first reason coming to your mind? Our intelligence? Ability to speak? Any physical features? Well, if you thought of any of those…you will be really shocked when you read Harari! I recommend to those wishing to challenge their thinking, and understand where we come from…and where we’re heading.


4.Emily and Amelia Nagosky, Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle

This research-based self-help book has become a real game-changer for my trainings on resilience and for me personally. The authors explain why people experience burnout, how stress develops and becomes chronic and most importantly, how to close the cycle of stress and recover. Full of practical strategies and techniques backed with clear explanations based on reliable research – this is everything a good self-help book needs! I’ll recommend it to everyone wishing to understand and manage stress better and become more confident.


5.Phil Knight, A Memoir by the Creator of Nike 

He started as an importer of Japanese cheap athletic shoes and ended as a millionaire, establishing the business we’re all familiar with – Nike. American dream? Well, not exactly. Knight’s success story is full of surprises, unnecessary risks and bad decisions that might have ruined his business, but there was a valuable lesson from each of those. What I found particularly charming about this book, was… the poetic language! Full of appropriate metaphors and quotes to be written down and framed. I’d recommend this book to everyone wishing to remind themselves that life might be sometimes full of difficulties, but it doesn’t mean we won’t succeed in the end. Uplifting!